Story Whores

Story Whores is a theatre event that offers you the opportunity to enjoy snippets of stories performed between drinks. The main bar is awash with narrative and interactive moments waiting to be discovered. This is exciting, immersive, non-threatening theatre. If you’re a performance geek you’ll adore it, if you’d rather be in the bar then this could be your new home.

The bar area is the hub of the evening. Beers from Meantime Brewery and wines from Highbury Vintners ensure our drink selection is as bespoke as our stories. Within this space there are a series of short tales told by acrobats, burlesque performers, singers and actors. There are installations and new media moments with which to interact. Leading off from the bar are a series of rooms containing worlds and performers where the audience go to be sold longer deeper stories.


Floyd Collins - Southwark Playhouse - 22 February 2012Floyd Collins - Glenn Carterrest of cast includes Robyn North, Vlach Ashton, Mensah Bediako, Kit Benjamin, Gareth Chart, Morgan Deare, Dayle Hodge, Roddy Peters, Donovan Preston, Jonathan Redfern,
Iddon Jones
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