Many Moons

By Alice Birch.

Alice Birch’s assured debut astutely directed by Derek Bond… a talent worth watching. Time Out

There is nothing sentimental about the way Birch methodically strips each [character] bare to reveal what those hearts really contain: fear, self-loathing, anger, hurt. The effect – subtly enhanced by Sally Ferguson’s lighting design – is akin to looking at the sun in eclipse, golden at the edges, black within. This is a meticulously written play, elegantly performed, that slowly turns you inside out. The Guardian

**** Alice Birch’s startling debut… Director Derek Bond trusts the writing to do the work and it does. Where he excels is in the building of tension; this is superbly handled. The play grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. Exeunt Magazine

A mesmerising Esther Hall… Birch’s talent for delivering shocking revelations in an understated way leads to a very humane analysis of some horrifying subject matter. It’s a piece that shines due to the quality of the writing, along with some stellar performances from the cast. The Stage

Birch’s writing is extraordinary… her eye for the nuances, detailing and quirks of human behaviour, results in some moments of comic genius… acted excellently without exception. Derek Bond’s direction keeps a subtle energy running through the non-representational playing space. All four actors are excellent, but Esther Hall’s deeply affecting performance is just sensational. If the Royal Court is fully booked then don’t worry, Many Moons is as excellent a piece of new writing as you will see this year.

Fascinating… An absolutely incredible script and an extremely talented cast. Alice Birch’s writing is unendingly compelling. Esther Hall provides an absolutely show stopping performance. An incredibly tense, dense and tight play that is beautiful, and slightly terrifying. British Theatre Guide

Theatre503, May-June 2011. 
Cast: Edward Franklin, Esther Hall, Jonathan Newth, Esther Smith. 
Music composed by Ellis James & Benson Taylor. Produced by Sophie Watson.

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Floyd Collins - Southwark Playhouse - 22 February 2012Floyd Collins - Glenn Carterrest of cast includes Robyn North, Vlach Ashton, Mensah Bediako, Kit Benjamin, Gareth Chart, Morgan Deare, Dayle Hodge, Roddy Peters, Donovan Preston, Jonathan Redfern,