Girls and Dolls

By Lisa McGee.

There’s much to admire in Derek Bond’s production… the performances in this demanding two-hander are terrific. McGrady and Taggart display impressive discipline and flair. **** Critics’ Choice
. Time Out

The two-strong cast deliver equally strong and captivating performances. Touching, witty and sad. Young playwright Lisa McGee shows she’s full of promise and definitely one to watch. Ham & High

Derek Bond’s intense production of Lisa McGee’s Girls & Dolls is a fast-paced little whirlwind that’s frequently funny, yet ultimately very disturbing. McGrady and Taggart are superb. The play keeps tightening relentlessly towards its surprising climax.

Old Red Lion, March 2009
. Cast: Niamh McGrady, Bronagh Taggart

Iddon Jones
Floyd Collins - Southwark Playhouse - 22 February 2012Floyd Collins - Glenn Carterrest of cast includes Robyn North, Vlach Ashton, Mensah Bediako, Kit Benjamin, Gareth Chart, Morgan Deare, Dayle Hodge, Roddy Peters, Donovan Preston, Jonathan Redfern,
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