Floyd Collins

Music by Adam Guettel, book by Tina Landau.

Derek Bond’s astonishingly committed production delivers both its dramatic and musical qualities with piercing power and clarity. It’s still only February, but we’ll be lucky if we see a better production of a better musical all year in London.
Mark Shenton, The Stage

Intense and harrowing… Authentic emotional depth… Thrillingly well performed. ***** Mark Shenton, Sunday Express

Derek Bond’s assured revival… Bond and his team more than make the case for this as a neglected gem… a potent journey is spirited from the most restrictive of situations. At a time when insensitive media intrusion is under scrutiny as never before, Floyd Collins burns with peculiarly haunting relevance. **** Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph

Derek Bond directs a quietly powerful revival. ’Floyd Collins’ is a compact, modest-looking show with vast hidden depths. Beneath the energetic surface show, Derek Bond’s production delicately excavates the question: what leads a man to risk his life in ‘the meanest, blackest, wettest’ holes in the first place? Are there many more essential images in the history of musicals than of this man throwing his echoing song into the darkness to sound out the boundaries of his world? **** Critics’ Choice
Bella Todd, Time Out

Marvellous…. I have waited for 13 years – ever since the Bridewell gave Adam Guettel’s musical its British premiere – for a revival of Floyd Collins. I’ve written to theatres begging them to put it on, pleaded with Radio 3 to give it an airing, plugged its merits in this column. To no avail. But now the enterprising Southwark Playhouse has given Floyd Collins a magnificent production. Derek Bond’s staging illuminates the glory of Guettel’s score and lyrics and Tina Landau’s book. Susannah Clapp, The Observer

A little known masterpiece of musical theatre… beautifully directed by Derek Bond. Nothing they could do at the NT’s Cottesloe Theatre could come within spitting distance of the atmosphere created in the vaults of the Southwark Playhouse. Edward Seckerson, The Independent

Derek Bond’s staging, with its ample use of ladders, is clever and sometimes inspired; the shadowy, cavernous space becomes an extra character in the drama. Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Southwark Playhouse, London, Feb-March 2012. Cast: Glenn Carter, Robyn North, Vlach Ashton, Mensah Bediako, Kit Benjamin, Gareth Chart, Morgan Deare, Dayle Hodge, Roddy Peters, Donovan Preston, Jonathan Redfern, Ryan Sampson, Jane Webster.
Sound Design: Rob Donnelly-Jackson, Musical Director: Tim Jackson, Choreography: Richard Jones, Associate Director: Simon Pittman, Casting: Josh Seymour, Costume Supervisor: Zlatica Halkova. Produced by Peter Huntley Productions in association with Southwark Playhouse and Tim Johanson productions.

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Floyd Collins - Southwark Playhouse - 22 February 2012Floyd Collins - Glenn Carterrest of cast includes Robyn North, Vlach Ashton, Mensah Bediako, Kit Benjamin, Gareth Chart, Morgan Deare, Dayle Hodge, Roddy Peters, Donovan Preston, Jonathan Redfern,
Iddon Jones